Welcome Into the Imperfect Fray

On Mission to Welcome Others Into the Imperfect Fray of Our Lives This is a post I wrote about hospitality for our own Chapel Hill Bible Church.

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Family Mission Trips: Preparing to Go with the Whole Family

When I was a little girl, my grandfather said my middle name was “go.” It was a generational thing. He always said the same about my mother, and my grandmother before her. It’s something that’s been true of me, and now I see this “go” gene in the eyes of my two boys. They make plans during afternoon quiet time, finding a backpack in their closet and filling it with a stuffed Dog-Dog and Leopard, trusty blankets, and a storybook Bible—their worldly possessions, neatly zipped up for the moment I tell them it’s time to go.


Family Mission Trips: Why You should Take Your Kids Overseas

We were celebrities and oddities in a rolling caravan. And by rolling, I mean with actual wheels—a double stroller and several wheeled suitcases trailing my husband and I as we careened through an Asian airport with our two boys, ages three and one.


Mulching with a Mission

“This is hard work! Are we getting paid for this?” Such unfiltered commentary isn’t unusual when half your workforce falls in the one- to 10-years-old range. They were part of our hard-working crew for Big Serve Saturday, Chapel Hill Bible Church’s intentional day of service each year when individuals, families and life groups descend on […]


Mom finds missional purpose with children

It was a Sunday School answer that would earn praise there. Be applauded at home. Chuckled at in a church service.

“Why are we here?” I said, whispering.

“To tell people about Jesus!” my three-year-old son trumpeted.

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Event: Moms on Mission Outing for Chalking

Mamas (and grandmamas:)! Anyone up for a mom-and-kids outing with missions in mind? Rusher and I will be doing our first Moms on Mission event for the year next Friday, October 14, at 9:30 a.m. on UNC’s campus! We’ll be meeting up at the Morehead Planetarium to chalk Scripture, engage with college students and (as is […]

Moms on Mission

Two Years of Moms on Mission!

Two years ago, I wanted to make my time as a stay-at-home mom with young kids matter for the Kingdom. But I didn’t want to do it alone! Gathering up some friends (and friends of friends!) along the way, we started Moms on Mission. It’s a once-a-month gathering of moms, dads and/or grandparents with their […]


Around those Tables: Pilgrimages begin at the International Harvest Celebration

A dinosaur roar. An apology. Understanding. Lots of roaring.

Hosting our table guests at the International Harvest Celebration didn’t start with a formal invitation to friends we’d known for months or years. It began just two weeks before while intercepting my four- and two-year-olds doing what they do best: stomping and snorting and roaring ferociously at two seven-year-old Chinese boys at a park.


Photos: Kings in Thailand

You can check out some of the best moments of our work+mission trip to Thailand with the tag #kingsinThailand on Instagram.


Touching Hunger in Haiti

In the central Trois-Roches village, walking past tall African-descendent women balancing wash and grain on slender necks, I met hunger just outside an American-funded well. Wrapped in red gingham, teeth clenched around a roasted corncob, the child looked into my white face with uncertainty while her brothers pumped water into a bucket.

“What does hunger in Haiti look like?”